20 quick questions to define own your brand

Sebastián González Morales
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20 quick questions to define own your brand will help you create the most valuable asset a company can have: a strong brand.

Your competitors will not stand a chance against the power of connection that you will provide to your client's trough your well-constructed brand

  • Why is a strong brand so important?
  • Why do large multinationals spend millions of dollars to create their brand?
  • What makes consumers prefer to buy a product from a company, being this almost identical to the others?

A brand is more than the logo and the pretty colors. "Brand" is the whole experience that the customer receives once is in touch with the company.

The goal of a great brand is to make people not only prefer but feel connected with the values and message that your brand provides.

This free guide will take you to the basic concepts of branding.

There, you will discover that the brand is the ultimate money-magnet that your company needs.

But most importantly, in 20 questions you will set the basic guidelines of your own brand.

Think about the foundations of a prestigious, trustworthy, and admired company.

Who is Sebastián and Studio Trët?

Hello! Im Sebastián González, from living and working in Colombia. My job through studiotret.com is to translate your ideas into powerful and well-established brands.

Take a look in this quick reel:

You see, in more than 10 years of design work, I've learned that brands are what make the people not only buy from you but trust you at the point to prefer your products no matter what your competitors throw at them.

Is almost like a superpower.

So, with world-class graphic communication, a beautiful and fast website, and a clear brand, I help my clients to achieve their goals.

Do you have questions?
"This guide applies also to personal brands?"
Absolutely. In fact, the questionary that you will find inside the guide will give you insights that you could use on your own offers as a freelancer.

"How long it will take to have the defined brand?"

With this guide, you will have a broad image of your new brand. But, I highly encourage you to take your time and think about every question of the guide. Write it down on paper (hand script is a secret to deep thinking 😉) and give it a few days. A brand is constructed day by day: like abs, with a day that you make some crunches, they are not going to appear. But you have to start with something.

"With this guide, I will get a designed logo?"
This guide will help you to clarify what do you want and need to have a graphic image for your company. It could be used as a guide for your copywriter or marketing team. However, I will gladly help you to design a beautiful logo (and define fonts, colors, applications) that will make your graphic communication stand!


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20 quick questions to define own your brand

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